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[Old Person's Program]
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[Personal training]

What does a Partners in Health trainer do?

A personal trainer will work in partnership with you to guide you through a carefully worked out program, a program that is 'yours'. You will always get what is suitable for you and your needs at every session.

How many sessions you want is totally up to you. Some find a single session adequate, others prefer to meet regularly on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. There is no pressure either way.

Lisa has been in the health and fitness field since 1992. She has a reputation of providing superior and dependable service. Her training expertise has created coach potatoes into marathon runners, older clients who become strong and fit rather than weak and old, cardiac rehabilitaion clients who become fit, strong and confident, and movement disorder conditions who gain a new sense of self and independence though fitness and strength.

Why choose a personal trainer?

  • If exercise is new to you
  • For motivation
  • For fun and new exercises
  • Inspiration
  • Safety
  • To train for a particular event
  • Chronic illness and injury management/recovery

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